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January 2015 Calendar

January 2015 Calendar

Mah Jongg Rules: Books Sales

More than fifty years ago the Wright-Patterson Mah Jongg Group began standardizing the rules and developing a book that subsequently has been enjoyed by players worldwide. We wish to thank all who continue to support our project for the benefit of our airmen and their families here at Wright-Patterson and the community in which they live.

Wright-Patterson OSC MAH JONGG        
P.O. BOX 1067

2015 Revised Mah Jongg Books Are Now Available!

Note: The 2009 Green Rules Book is now SOLD OUT and will NOT be reprinted All other 2009 books remain in stock and available for purchase. No refunds or exchanges will be made on any of the current 2009 books.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 2009 book still be available for ordering?
For a VERY limited time, the blue Visual Aid, pink Enlarged Print Hands (hands only), and the gray Enlarged Print Visual Aid book will be available. Be sure to indicate the correct edition on the order form.

May I exchange a 2009 book for the 2015 revision?
We are not able to exchange 2009 books, even if new and unused, for the 2015 edition.

Which books were revised?
When a revision is made, all books are revised at the same time with the exception of the yellow Teaching Aid and the white Rules Only book unless a clarification or change is needed. No changes or clarifications were made in the 2015 revision so these two books remain the same while all of the others were updated.

How have the books changed?
This revision has fewer hands but includes approximately 20 new hands.

How often are the books revised?
In the past, it was the practice to revise the books every six or seven years depending on the number of books sold. Due to the increasing popularity of the books, we hope to revise more often.

Book Sales Printable Order Form:  CLICK HERE

Checks and Money Orders MUST be in U.S. dollars and made payable to: WPOSC Mah Jongg.

Orders are processed ONLY ONCE WEEKLY and neither credit card nor e-mail orders can be accepted.

Price of each book includes shipping and handling via Media Mail
(allow up to 4 weeks for delivery)

For Priority Mail (optional) enclose:
1-18 Books $6.00, 19-36 Books $10.00
For 37 or more books, please email for postage.

Orders going to international addresses are charged based on the current rate to the country for either Priority or Air Mail.

If possible, please include your e-mail address when ordering. We will not sell or share your information.

For questions and instruction help, please complete this form -OR- email to reach our group directly. Optionally, you may mail questions to the above postal address along with a self addressed stamped envelope.

For our International Customers, please e-mail for further payment information and postage fees.

 Wright-Patterson Rules Books (2009 Editions)

green book Mah Jongg Rules
Rules, hands and scoring tables
(2015 Edition)
           pink bookEnlarged Print
Hands and Scoring Tables Only
(2009 and 2015)
           white bookEnlarged Print
Rules Only
(2009 and 2015)
blue bookPictures
of the Hands

(2009 and 2015)
           yellow bookMah Jongg
Teaching Aid

For Instructors
(2009 and 2015)
           gray bookMah Jongg
The Visual Aid
Enlarged Print

(2009 and 2015)

->> Orders are processed ONCE WEEKLY.

->> Prices are subject to change without notice.
->> Copyright restrictions apply and reproductions may not be made.