Membership Creed

Membership Creed

The Wright-Patterson Officers Spouses’ Club acknowledges the significant contributions of its members.  These accepted standards help ensure protections of both our organization ad members alike.

I will:

Comply with the Constitution, Bylaws, Policies & Procedures and all other governing documents of the OSC.

Represent a positive image of the WPOSC within the organization and among the Base and neighboring communities-at-large.

Display a high regard in public forums, in speech, and written word, for other OSC members and the organization.

Accept responsibility for my actions and attitude.

Exhibit an attitude of respect, courtesy, and helpfulness to all OSC members.

Bring OSC-related concerns to members of the Board of Governors for clarification.

Use the OSC Membership Directory for approved purposes.  It is only for the use of OSC members and is not to be used or distributed for mailing lists or other commercial purposes.

If a Board member, I agree to:

Explain the decisions of the Board to the general membership.

Protect members’ privileged information including personal contact information and credit card number as well as the content of privileged discussions and/or individual votes at the Board of Governors meetings.

I agree to abide by the above code of conduct as a condition of membersip in the Wright-Patterson Officers’ Spouses’ Club. (Adopted May 2008 by the BoG)

Failure to comply with this creed by any member will result in a written warning issued by the Executive Committee by a 2/3 vote.  A second offense will result in an opportunity to appear to defend their status at the next regularly scheduled Board of Governors meeting before termination of membership by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Governors.  All Board of Governors members are required to sign this creed.